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Research Article  |  Published 31 January 2019

Docshare: A Public Cloud Storage Control With Two Factor Access Control Schemes

G Thippa Reddy, Bharath PS, Praveen Kumar Reddy, Rajesh Kaluri, Kuruva Lakshmanna, Srinivas Koppu and Dharmendra Singh Rajput

SITE, VIT, Vellore, India.
VIT, Vellore, India.


Data access control is a challenging problem in public cloud storage systems. Ciphertext-policy attribute-based Encryption (CPABE) has been adopted as a promising technique to offer flexible, fine-grained and secure information access management for cloud storage with honest-but-curious cloud servers. However, in the current CP-ABE schemes, the single attribute authority should execute the time-consuming consumer legitimacy verification and secret key distribution, and therefore it effects in a single-point overall performance bottleneck when a CP-ABE scheme is adopted in a big-scale cloud storage system. Customers can be stuck inside the ready queue for a protracted period to achieve their secret keys, thereby ensuing in low-efficiency of the system. Even though multi-authority access control schemes were proposed, those schemes nonetheless cannot triumph over the drawbacks of the single-point bottleneck and low performance, due to the reality that every one of the authorities still independently manages a disjoint attribute set. In this paper, we recommend a single heterogeneous framework to dispose of the hassle of a single-point overall performance bottleneck and offer an extra efficient access control scheme with an auditing mechanism. Our framework employs multiple characteristic authorities to share the weight of user legitimacy verification. In the meantime, in our scheme, a CA (primary Authority) is added to generate secret keys for legitimacy validated users. Unlike different multi-authority access manipulate schemes each of the authorities in our scheme manages the complete characteristic set, personally. To enhance security, we also suggested an auditing mechanism to detect which AA (attribute Authority) has incorrectly or maliciously paused the legitimacy verification technique. The analysis suggests that our system no longer only guarantees the security requirements but additionally makes exceptional overall performance improvement on key generation.

Cloud storage, Access control, Auditing, CPABE.

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