Current Analysis on
Instrumentation & Control
Published Article

Published Thematic Issue | 1 February 2019 | 1-40 | OPEN ACCESS
Semantic Data Engineering: Methods, Applications and Practice
Guest Editor : Dr. Kingsley Okoye 

Published | 4 October 2018 | 1-21 |  OPEN ACCESS
Power Controllers for Wind Turbines Systems Based fn DFIG-Generators  – A Review  
Badre Bossoufi*, Mohammed Taoussi**, Yasmine Ihedrane**, Manale Bouderbala*, Hala Alami Aroussi*, Madiha El Ghamrasni***

Forthcoming Articles

Research Article    |    Revision
Measuring The Strain Of Sheet Metals 

Research Article    |    In Peer Review
Realization of the low pass filters in microstrip on CST and testing on Automatic Network Analyzer at frequency 5 GHz

Research Article    |    In Peer Review
Realization of Grounded Inductor Based Band Pass Filter Design to Achieve Optimum Linearity with Bandwidth using Single VDVTA

Research Article    |    In Peer Review
Track Maneuvering using PID Control for Self-Driving Cars

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