Role of Editorial Board Member


An Editorial Board is primarily made up of a team of individuals that work directly with the Editor to develop the journal and promote new initiatives.  Members of the Board may also take responsibility for key activities linked to the journal, for example the Associate Editor or Section Editor.

Editorial Board members are chosen for their expertise in key areas related to the journal or chosen for their international presence in the field. There are instances where excellent long standing reviewers can also be asked to join the Editorial Board. They are normally also from the same expert field as the journal topic.

A journal’s Editorial Board normally undergoes a complete renewal after a set of period determined by the Editor and Publisher (three years is an average time).This will involve removing some individuals, inviting others, and renewing some existing members for another term. It is important when inviting a Board member that this issue of term of office is included in the invitation letter to avoid any misunderstandings that can arise. 

Roles & Responsibilities

The role of the Editorial Board is:

  • To offer expertise in their specialist area
  • To review submitted manuscripts
  • To advise on journal policy and scope
  • To work with the Editor to ensure ongoing development of the journal
  • To identify topics for Special Issues of the journal or recommend a Conference which would promote the journal, which they might also help to organize and/or guest edit
  • To attract new and established authors and article submissions
  • To submit some of their own work for consideration, ensuring that they adhere to Conflict of Interest rules and stating their relationship to the journal. This is very important as the journal cannot be seen to publish only papers from members of the Editorial Board.
  • It is important that Editorial Boards have a regular communication forum, either face to face in person (Depending on their country of origin, funding availability, etc.) or as more journals are doing today, communicating by teleconference or Skype type events.

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