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Research Article  |  Published 23 April 2019

Gain Enhancement of a Wideband Monopole using Stacked Frequency Selective Surfaces

Gregory Mitchell*

U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD 20783, USA.


This paper presents a previously reported wideband monopole design that maintains -10 dB return loss over a 9.4:1 bandwidth with a realized gain of 3.0 dB to 4.0 dB. A utilization of three layers of stacked frequency selective surfaces increases the realized gain to 4.0 to 10.0 dB over a 7:1 bandwidth. Now the realized gain of the monopole limits the bandwidth as opposed to the impedance match. The resulting antenna comes in a form factor of 8.1” x 8.1” x 3.1”, and maintains a 60 degree beam width across the full 7:1 bandwidth.

wideband, monopole, co-planar waveguide, resonant reflectors, gain enhancement, reduced profile


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