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Reviewers are a critical part of the publication process. Mesford relies on reviewers to help maintain the journal’s high standards. Providing a good review that is thorough and fair can be time-consuming and the editors appreciate the energy that reviewers devote to the task. If you are interested in reviewing for journals, please create an account on our article tracking system. Ensure that your contact information and expertise keywords are up-to-date so that your record can be easily found.

Mesford has developed a manual that provides an overview of the objectives and steps for reviewing a scientific manuscript with best practices for ensuring a constructive and ethical review of scientific research.

Acknowledgement to Reviewers

We would like to thank and appreciate the co-operation from all reviewers for their constructive comments and feedback on the manuscripts submitted to our journals. Given below is the list of reviewers who reviewed articles in 2018:

N.A. Chrysanthakopoulos (Greece)

W.Y. El-Ashry (Egypt)

K. Nelson (Germany)

D. Maier (Germany)

A. Rack (France)

J. Dittmann (Germany)

S. Irani (Iran)

J. Godinho (Portugal)

N. Wongsirichat (Thailand)

P.C. Trevilatto (Brazil)

R. Werneck (Brazil)

A. Parhiz (Iran)

H. Shi (China)

N. Maruyama (Japan)

K.-Y. Park (Korea)

V. Nogueira (Brazil)

M. Giannini (Brazil)

N. Gönülol (Turkey)

R. Okada (Japan)

R. Price (Canada)

F. Zawaideh (Jordan)

A. Santini (Italy)

H. Fouad (Saudi Arabia)

A. Alrahlah (Saudi Arabia)

Z. Tarle (Hungary)

C. Casu (Italy)

L. Sevón (France)

G. Sarode (India)

D. Whiteman (Australia)

C.N. Serhan (USA)

I. Mawlong (India)

S. Kumar (India)

M. Nekoomanesh‐Haghighi (Iran)

M. Shivashankar (India)

G. Chwatko (Poland)

J. Hao (China)

M.M. Sarfaraz (Australia)

H. Qiu (Hong Kong)

H. Zhou (China)

J.C. Poveda (Colombia)

U. Gulzar (Italy)

P. Jamdagni (India)

P. Khatri (India)

K. Mokbel (UK)

E. Chow (Canada)

J. Liesveld (USA)

K. Chamnongthai (Thailand)

S. Tseleni-Balafouta (Greece) 


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